Ecologically Responsible Washing and Detailing for Cars & Boats

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Green Planet Car Wash is located in Lakeville, Minnesota. We are on the corner of Dodd Road and Highway 50 in the Heritage Commons shopping center. Follow Kenwood Trial to Dodd Road. Look for us across the street from Cub Foods.

We wash your car in our 120 foot tunnel and provide optional interior cleaning services, including vacuuming and detailing.

We are also a detailing center. We will clean, wax, and buff the exterior of your vehicle, or vacuum, shampoo and detail the interior, or do both. In addition to our standard packages we also provide ala carte services such as fumigation.

Does your boat, ski jet, motorcycle, or ATV need care? Ask us for details and prices.


What makes us Green?

We restore and reuse 100% of the water we use in our wash tunnel and detailing bays. After working its way through our restoration process our water is clear, clean, and odorless. In fact, it's clean enough for EPA drinking water standards.

We use state of the art pumps to very accurately meter our chemicals so that we do not over apply soaps, detergents, wetting agents, waxes, and other chemicals to your vehicle.

Our brush, pump, and blower motors run more efficiently than typical car washes because we use computerized motor controllers to monitor and control energy consumption.

Our dryers are the quietest we could find to keep noise levels at a minimum for our neighbors.

Our compressed air is made with extremely efficient, and quiet, rotary screw air compressors.